To me singing, dancing, and camping are important life-invigorating activities.

Issaquah SIngers

  • Psaltry Rosette Psaltry I have made many plucked psalteries or lap harps. These are one of the earliest forms of stringed instruments, and they are suitable for all age levels. They are two octaves (Key of G diatonic) and made from one piece of Eastern hard maple with a chip-carved rosette. Comes with a wood carrying case, extra wire, and tuning key. They make ideal gifts. Please contact me at for more information. $600, shipping included.
  • Double-Bass DulcimerDouble-Bass Dulcimer. The Double-Bass Dulcimer is constructed with redwood top and sides, piano tuning pins, cherry bridges, custom wound copper on steel music wire strings, standard Whamdiddle tuning scheme with 13 treble/12 bass courses, and dampers. Listen to a sample of this dulcimer. Weight: 65 pounds; dimensions: 71” X 16” X 9”; Range: G0 to E3, chromatic from E1 to D3. Please contact me at for more information. $6200
  • I take every opportunity to go boating or hiking to remote areas. This is a slide show done in 1980 soon after returning from an extended canoe trip of six months in Icy Strait and Glacier Bay, Alaska.
  • Cosmology is a field of study in which I have always been very interested. A good book to read is The Black Hole War by Leonard Susskind and a fun Web site to check out is Astronomy Picture of the Day.

“The voyage of discovery lies not in finding a new instrument to play, but in having new ears.”

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